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Today we are talking about Mobile Analytics.

Knowing how customers interact with your mobile channel is vital to the success of a mobile strategy. Mobile Analytics provides you with deep insights into customer engagement, behavior and loyalty, revealing the content and media they find most compelling. That’s a competitive advantage.

In computer science Analytics is a big term and a wide field  , but in its simple representation, it refers to  tracking the behavior of anyone using your application.

This process  helps you concentrate the most on your application’s features that attract most of the users, and  helps you  track bugs : in this case we are talking about bug tracking – a subcategory of Analytics and another big field worth studying.

There is a lot of solutions out there that will help you track users behavior  : Google Analytics is one of them.

So let’s start coding  .

Below is an explanation of how you could add Google Analytics to your iOS  application.

Please refers to the comments for more details.


Finally to have access to your Analytics data you have to login into your account at : http:www.google.com/analytics and look for the id your have used in your mobile application.

You can find how my  Google Analytics dashboard looks like.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

For more details about  Mobile Analytics  i recommend you this book, worth checking   : http://www.amazon.com/Mobile-Analytics-ebook/dp/B0076QU1I2/

I hope that helps .

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