Hello there ,

After our first tutorial where we demonstrated how to setup your Android environment , in this tutorial  i will show you how to create your first Android Application  :

  • First if not done yet , Launch Eclipse , if it asks you for you default WorkdSpace , Specifiy a working directory of your choice.
  • Go to File–> New –> Android Application ,
  • You will be prompted to enter you project Name, do so and leave the other options in there defaults values. I choosed FirstAndroidApplication as a name for my first project , Then Click Next.

Create new android project prompt

  • In this step you will have to choose which Android SDK target you will work with , if you have already installed different Android SDKs (As explained in the first tutorial )they will be listed. After you have made you choice Click Next.Select Android SDK Target
  • Finally you will be prompted to enter some informations concerning your project : Application Name , Package name, application main Activity .

I think i have to explain theses terms to understand  how an android application works

Well , The “Application Name” is the title that will be shown in Android Devices and that will stick under the application Icon in the Device Screen.

The “package name” is a unique identifier that will identify your application in “Google play” and you will find it in the URL of your application once you have published it and in the source folder of your project.

The “main activity” is Java Class that will be the first one to be called when the application is launched, think of it as if it is the main method of any traditional Java Program.

Once you have entered all the informations needed click on Finish And bingo !!

Android Application Meta Data
Now you have your first Android project created in your workspace in Eclipse .

Android project look into Eclipse

The project view contains a bunch of things that you don’t need to know for now . All you have to remember is that you will spend a lot of time in the src folder : the folder that contains all the source code of your application , and the res Folder : a folder specific to Android Environment and will contain all the images , audio, video , files that your application will need.

Now it’s time to launch our first application. oh YES that’s all :D ,

To do so , right click on you project Folder ”FirstAndroidApplication ” and go to Run as -> Android Application

If everything was done right , an Android emulator will be launched … you have to wait for a while depending on your computer configuration. the result will be like in the image below .

Android application launched

That’s all for this tutorial.

In the next tutorial i am going to show you where the ” Hello World, Main Activity” came from :D and how to customize our application.

Happy coding buddies